Visitor Counter with Stop Function


Hygiene and safety, that’s what it’s all about these days. Your visitors and clients want to feel safe and at ease when they enter your facilities. With the Visitor Counter, your facility complies with the safety measures set for Covid-19. Set the maximum allowed capacity for your location and the screen automatically translates the real-time information into clear instructions for your visitors.

 As a plus, you can easily connect it to Centoview, making it possible to display your own messages.



  • Ceiling mounted 3D counting sensor.
  • Traffic light style customer guidance with personalized messages.
  • Set maximum capacity per location.

More benefits

The Visitor Counter offers you even more benefits:

  • Visitors will feel welcome and safe (because of checks).
  • Clear instructions.
  • Real-time information about current vs. maximum capacity.
  • Optional email and text message warnings or ringing sound.
  • Optional addition of extra dynamic data.


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