Screen & Sanitizer Solution


Totem with screen, people counter and hand gel dispenser


These days it’s all about hygiene and safety. That’s why it’s more important than ever for your customers and visitors to feel at ease when they enter your facilities. At the same time, clear communication remains key. The new ‘Screen & Sanitizer Solution’ with people counter combines both and is the perfect solution.

The Screen & Sanitizer Solution contains both a professional screen and an automatic hand gel dispenser, plus a people counter. As a result, customers and visitors can disinfect their hands without having to touch anything and feel secure and protected while on your premises.

totem met scherm en automatische handgel dispenser



  • contactless dispenser connected to an infrared sensor
  • up to 700 decontaminations per supply alcohol gel
  • choose from default messages or create your own personalized messages 
  • sustainable solution made in Belgium


More benefits

When installing the Screen & Sanitizer Solution, you not only put your visitors at ease. It offers you even more benefits:

  • look & feel of the totem customizable to your brand 
  • create your own message by connecting to Centoview 
  • professional screen and player with quality appearance
  • free choice of alcohol gel brand

In addition, you can equip the totem with a proximity sensor that detects motion at a range between 40 cm and 2 meters. Is someone passing by? Then you can make appear a customized message. You can choose which kind of message. 



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