How digital signage guides staff and visitors on large parking lots

Imagine going to work and having to drive around for minutes before finding a suitable parking space. Sounds frustrating, right? That’s why our customer, a large player in activewear with one of the biggest distribution centers in Flanders, asked us to develop a guidance solution for their vast parking lot. 

A large company equals a lot of staff and visitors. Luckily they installed four parking lots, making it possible for everyone to find a parking space. However, the flow wasn’t all that smooth. People always tried to park as close to the entrance as possible, resulting often in having to drive around for minutes and wasting their time. This lack of efficiency was the reason why our customer decided to invest in a clear parking guidance system.

How Centomedia helped

From now on, hightech outdoor LED screens guide visitors and staff directly to the nearest parking spot. We developed an intelligent, tailor made digital signage solution that facilitates clear communication to employees, visitors and suppliers. When reconstructing the parking lots, an intelligent loop system was installed that automatically counts how many vehicles are parked on each lot. We developed an app that captures these data and visualises it on outdoor screens. 

The result? From now on, you know at a glance where you can park your car, which increases efficiency significantly.

Why the customer chose Centomedia

The customer can communicate a lot more than basic parking instructions on their digital signage displays. Thanks to our custom developed application, also other messages can be pushed to the outside screens, creating a hybrid communication solution. Are people visiting the distribution center? Why not guide them directly to a reserved parking area, including a personal welcome message? Both effective and customer friendly.

In the future

Knowing our customer, the company will continue to invest in effective screen communication when needed. Today, we already installed over 200 dynamic screens, making their visual communication one of the most effective in the market. In the future, we are looking forward to continuing our partnership of trust and quality, remaining their number one partner for digital signage solutions.