How broad experience in corporate screen communication helped Engie

When communicating with thousands of employees, digital signage is an excellent solution. Engie Group, a global energy player, already knew this and started using digital signage years ago.

But large companies need a specific approach and have specific needs. And not every digital signage partner knows how to fully address these needs. That is why, after years of collaborating with Centomedia, Engie Belgium recommended us as a digital signage expert to Engie Europe. They trusted on our skills and were very satisfied about our service. So, when we won the European project, we felt extra motivated to continue delivering our high level of service and expertise.

How Centomedia first helped

A good digital signage partner knows how to adapt to the customer’s current situation and needs. So, when we first started the Engie project in Belgium, we knew they already used a number of screens and players, some of them from other partners. It was Engie’s explicit wish to continue using these players. That’s why we asked our inhouse development team to create an extra feature, making it possible to connect our digital signage platform to the existing screens.

As a result, the customer never experienced a blank screen throughout the whole migration process and communication with their employees continued smoothly. A few months later, Engie decided to still replace all existing players with new players that offered the latest possibilities.

Why Engie Belgium recommended Centomedia

Strategically, we were familiar with the challenges that Engie had to face, both in terms of usability and technicality. We knew big companies often require a complex setup. In Engie’s case, we knew that a lot of people distributed content. And the more people distribute content, the more complex your content creation and approval process gets.

For example: do you want everyone in your organization to be able to publish content? On all screens? Chances are you want some people to create messages, while others can approve them.

And what if your company has different establishments? Can you make sets of screens, according to location, and give some people access to only the screens at the location they work, while others have access to all screens?

These are only a few examples of advances features corporate clients need.

Another important asset for Engie was our support and the overall capacities of the team. They knew we manage digital signage’s complexity from A to Z, so whenever they had additional questions, they felt confident asking our advice. And they fully trusted our expertise when additional requirements had to be implemented.

How the Engie project continues to grow

After a very positive collaboration with Engie Belgium, we started implementing digital signage solutions at Engie France as well. We were very proud to realise they were not accustomed to this high level of support. They experienced our solution-oriented approach and constructive attitude as a real epiphany.

In the near future, we are very much looking forward to offering the same level of quality to the entire Engie Group. And we’re proud to have established a relationship of trust with Engie Belgium and Engie France.