How digital signage helps firefighters in case of emergency


Imagine this – you’re a firefighter and are called upon for an emergency. You have two options, either you get alerted by a beeper – or – the screens around you show specific info about the incident: location, type of incident and urgency level. Choice easily made, right?


Why the BZA fire brigade contacted us

Before implementing digital signage, the firefighters of BZA only had beepers and sound alarms. Whenever emergencies arose, they didn’t know what type of incident they were being sent to until they were already on the road. 

The fire control center wanted to provide their firefighters with more details about each incident. That’s why they reached out to us, asking to explore the digital signage possibilities.


How Centomedia helped

Strategic screen communication proved itself to be the perfect solution. We installed over 60 screens in key positions on all fire stations. Today, whenever a distress call is being registered, the firefighters immediately get all the information they need. They get the exact address, type of incident and urgency level. The screens also display which fire stations, which units and what type of equipment are involved. 

All this info appears in real time, overruling the standard messages that normally are being displayed. This is possible thanks to the sophisticated technical setup with local triggers – implemented via Centoview. Due to the development on webOs, we could also implement our solution on sleek screens with built in players.


In the future

Today, our digital signage system with local triggers continues to prove itself as both complete and stable. We are glad to continue our high quality partnership with BZA and look forward to addressing possible future needs and new projects.