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Outdoor LCD stand alone 16:9


It’s only logical that outdoor screens require a higher durability and resistance. They need to be extremely weather proof (wether it’s -10º C or +35º C) and resistant to extreme rainy and windy conditions. As a plus, outdoor screens require excellent visibility in direct sunlight.

All our 16:9 outdoor LCD stand alone screens guarantee excellent visibility from all angles, as well as lifelike images through ultra HD-resolution and a slim, attractive design. In addition, all our displays undergo thorough testing and certification to ensure continuous, round-the-clock performance. 


  • certified durability in extreme weather conditions
  • excellent visibility in direct sunlight with anti-reflection glass
  • available in different sizes (small to very large)
  • slim and contemporary design


More benefits

  • self-cooling system
  • wide spectrum of dynamic colors (up to one billion shades)
  • energy efficient performance



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outdoor digital signage screen next to highway

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