The possibilities of digital signage

“After a thorough market research we ended up with Centomedia as our digital signage partner. Prior to them we encountered prior a lot of “cowboys”, who didn’t know anything about technology.”

Raf Coenen, IT Project Manager Decathlon Belgium (customers since 2013)

Digital signage or screen communication, as we call it, is a form of narrowcasting in which multimedia, video or any other content is displayed on digital screens. Envision your communication strategy being represented throughout your whole organization. Your target audience will be able to get the information you want them to see, while they are waiting in line or talking at the coffee machine. You already know how important it is to visualize things, because it makes sure your target audience remembers what you want to tell them. Screen communication makes that possible.

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The things you need to know about effective content management

The things you need to know about effective content management

A Digital Signage solution is nothing without dynamic content. A range of Content Management Systems are available on the market, ranging from basis SaaS solutions to in-house software suites that offer extensive content management as well as content development functionality.

It is logical to think that investing in a comprehensive software suite makes perfect business sense. I pay a little bit more, but I am sure that I have the flexibility to create my dynamic content the way I want it – now and in the future.

Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be different. Many companies found out that for the majority of their dynamic content, they just need a flexible template that can be easily updated and incorporated in a playlist. Within a full flexible CMS system, such a simple update can sometimes be a complex endeavour, with a potential risk of low quality content or brand issues.

Many frustrations have been the result of this decision. Some companies solved this problem by hiring dedicated personnel, others outsourced their CMS. Some decided to reduce the “dynamic” content and ended up with traditional static content.

When evaluating which CMS solution best fits your specific needs, it is important to have a clear understanding of the scope of the dynamic content you need to create, to accommodate your marketing and/or communication strategy.

If your strategy requires frequent complex content development, an extensive software suite (and associated operational capabilities) may be the best solution for you. If your company has a brand or communication refresh cycle that is less frequent, it might be better to have well developed brand templates that are easy to adapt without any technical complexity.

Effective content management – which means having the ability to create and manage content according your specific needs and at the lowest possible costs and effort – is the best guarantee for a successful Digital Signage deployment.

Centomedia approach to Digital Signage

Centomedia approach to Digital Signage

Centomedia has years of experience in deploying, integrating and maintaining Digital Signage solutions for all types of businesses. Our success is based on providing stable solutions, that are easy to operate and allow our customers to focus on what Digital Signage is supposed to do for their business. more info…


Our success is based on providing stable solutions, that are easy to operate and allow our customers to focus on what Digital Signage is supposed to do for their business

We are on top of the rapidly changing developments and are ready to support our existing and new customers with proven technologies and functionality

Have a look at some of the functionality we can integrate for you.

Centomedia provides Digital Signage solutions that are efficient and fit to be used in dynamic governmental environments.
These environments often exits of many service areas with each of them a specific set of information that needs to be communicated. This information is also typically coming from various sources within the organizations.
Centomedia offers an intelligent Content Management System that support multiple departments to deliver their information to dedicated (or shared) screens. No central content management is needed to secure high quality dynamic displays. No complex user management and access control, but an easy-to-manage single sign-on approach.

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