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Indoor LCD stand alone 16:9


Wether you need indoor screens for your company, store or public organization, your main goal is to engage viewers.Make your images pop thanks to a state-of-the-art quantum dot composition. As a plus, our 16:9 indoor LCD stand alone screens guarantee excellent visibility from all angles, as well as lifelike images through ultra HD-resolution and a slim, attractive design.

All our displays undergo thorough testing and certification to ensure continuous, round-the-clock performance in any environment (corporate, retail, public …). 

digital signage screen in meeting room


  • ultra high definition resolution
  • available in different sizes (small to very large)
  • wide spectrum of dynamic colors (up to one billion shades)
  • slim and contemporary design
  • low energy consumption


More benefits

  • silent solution thanks to noise reduction
  • perfect image outlines thanks to edge restoration
  • quick and simple installation
  • impeccable visual experience in any environment (corporate, retail, public …)



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outdoor digital signage screen next to highway

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