Digital signage for Government & Public

Hospitals, Universities, libraries, museums, public transport, community services, … can all benefit in their own specific way from deploying Digital Signage.

All of these governmental entities are challenged with the need to provide high quality services within limited budgets. A good Digital Signage solution can be a key facilitator for improvements in both service delivery, efficiency and visitor experience. Wayfinding, ticketing, interactive information displays, targeted procedure displays and integrated emergency alerting can also have a positive effect on operational costs.

UZ Leuven Reference Case

As the biggest hospital in Belgium UZ Leuven uses digital communication mostly in waiting rooms and cafeteria. Content can be updated easily with the Centoview CMS and the Centoview apps.
Specific information like the menu is automatically extracted from the source (e.g. food database). For example, more than 3000 visitors each day can choose from the digital menu in the restaurant. They are well informed about price, calories and allergens.

Automatically extracted information from the source

Content can be updated easily with the Centoview CMS and the Centoview apps

University libraries

Automated, real-time overview of occupancies of the different library facilities. Students can decide the best place for studying before they leave their faculty


Automated display of estimated waiting times for doctor consultations. Accurate information reduces waiting stress and limits missed calls

Community Service Centres

Dynamic promotion of community involvement and volunteering

Efficient targeted communication inspires action for civil causes



Real-time overview of scheduled courses, locations and practical information

Supports dynamic scheduling and smooth operations

Centomedia offers an intelligent Content Management System

Centomedia provides Digital Signage solutions that are efficient and fit to be used in dynamic governmental environments.
These environments often exits of many service areas with each of them a specific set of information that needs to be communicated. This information is also typically coming from various sources within the organizations.
Centomedia offers an intelligent Content Management System that support multiple departments to deliver their information to dedicated (or shared) screens. No central content management is needed to secure high quality dynamic displays. No complex user management and access control, but an easy-to-manage single sign-on approach.