Digital signage for Corporate

Digital signage • essential for efficient corporate communication

Corporations are recognizing the importance of internal communication for creating a healthy and flexible organization that is fit for tomorrow’s challenges

Effective communication – where clear messages are delivered to the right audiences – can boost employee motivation, drive engagement, facilitate corporate change programs and secure the implementation of policies and procedures

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Engie Reference case

Internal communication is key for most companies. Well-thought use of Digital Signage creates an environment where all employees are informed. Customized templates that are easy to use and manageable from one or more places by the person as desired. 

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Maneable Ditigal Signage from one or more places

Digital Signage Meets Internet of Things

Centomedia is also specialized in developing solutions to communicate in real-time operational, performance and other dynamic corporate data.
The Internet of Things evolution is providing organizations with a growing number of dispersed data. We have the experience and knowledge to aggregate this information and make it visual via dashboards, as part of a dynamic signage script or as alerts that require immediate action.

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