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Acquisition of Centomedia by Digitopia Group

With the acquisition, Digitopia Group will realize a turnover of 10 million euros and manage more than 25,000 digital touch points in six countries. Its offices in Schilde, Paal-Beringen and Kortrijk now employ a total of 45 people. Jan Bussels remains CEO and, together with Sylvie Van de Leest, takes care of the daily management of the group.

“With the acquisition of Centomedia, Digitopia Group becomes by far the largest Belgian player in digital signage,” says CEO Jan Bussels. “The synergy between both companies and the joint know-how gives us the opportunity to become a major player on a European level as well. Both companies have a similar history, but at the same time there are different emphases. The focus on the development of Centoview (the CMS software package) to offer high self-reliance to its users fits seamlessly with the full-service communication capacity for which Digitopia is already known. With now more than forty product and communication specialists, we have the solution and experience to serve each market segment even better.”

Centoview: our own CMS

Centomedia is a digital signage company. We are a service provider that enables screen communication, thereby supporting the communication or marketing manager in authentic communication and connection with their target audience. Because sustainability is one of our key values, we optimize and expand the screens that our customers often already have. And we do it with our own custom developed Content Management System (CMS): Centoview. Being a service provider, we focus on Screen Communication As a Service, meaning that we implement the hardware (the screens), the software (Centoview) and we deliver the support and training needed until you are ready to plug and play.

With the Centoview CMS, we make sure that our customer is enabled to send up-to-date (or even up-to-minute) information, agile and flexible, without having to know anything about technology. Centoview is a cloud-based content management system that enables our customers to communicate (de-)centralized, quickly and targeted with your audience. 

Centomedia SDG UN

How we make the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals happen

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We strive to make them happen in our day-to-day work, and we have made them a part of our strategy and vision.

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Why Centomedia?


Centomedia has years of experience in deploying, integrating and maintaining Digital Signage solutions for all types of businesses. Our success is based on providing stable solutions, that are easy to operate and allow our customers to focus on what Digital Signage is supposed to do for their business. We are on top of the rapidly changing developments and are ready to support our existing and new customers with proven technologies and functionality.

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