EUFA Euro 2020:
boost your digital signage with sporty content


It took a lot longer than we expected, but finally the time has come for the European Football Championship. The perfect occasion to add some sports to your digital signage flows. Need inspiration? Jump right into our content ideas.

 1. Live sports news

A lot of content management platforms offer news apps. These apps use RSS feeds to fuel their live stream. By adding a slide with only sports RSS, you’ll get 90% Euros news. A great way to keep your viewers up to date about what’s happening during the championship.


2. Overview of the different groups

Which country was playing in which group again? This simple reminder helps your viewers remember at a glance. We bet you’ll hear interesting discussions arise about how fair or unfair this years drawing was and how this impacts the chances of each country.


3. Countdown to the matches

There’s something about watching a clock count down to your favorite event. Some content platforms offer an integrated countdown app. Simply insert the right date and time and the app does the rest, including a countdown clock.

Don’t have an app available? No worries, you can design your own countdown message, simply without the timer.


4. Best moments of previous editions

Zidane at his balletic bes at the 2000 tournament – with his extra-time penalty against Portugal as icing on the cake. 20-year-old firebrand Schuster playing for West-Germany against the Netherlands in 1980. Or the stunning goal by Éder in extra-time which guided Portugal to UEFA EURO 2016 glory.

The list of possibilities is endless. Pick your finest moments and share them with your audience.


5. Short football trivia questions 

In what year did Czechoslovakia win the Championship? Which club already provided 3 winning captains since the start of the Euro cup? And can you name the youngest winning captain?

Spark the curiosity of your viewers with some football quiz questions. The perfect conversation starter.


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