KU Leuven: a partnership of trust 



Trust and quality are two of our key values. Every day we strive to keep our customers satisfied. Our customers know that whenever needed, they can call on us. And today, we are confident to say that this approach works: 99% of our customers remain with us.


A while ago, KU Leuven launched a European tender. With this tender, they would choose a digital signage partner for 8 years. Working with KU Leuven since 2009, we already knew a lot about their needs and way of working. Having a relationship of mutual trust and respect, we definitely wanted to continue this valuable collaboration.

As a plus, we already installed digital signage in the college restaurants, owned by Alma, guiding students to the right food counter. This added to our overall understanding of the students’ experience and needs.


After submitting our proposal, we were eager to get feedback. Today, we can proudly announce that KU Leuven again chose Centomedia for their digital signage needs. The main motivation for this renewal was not only the high quality of our technical platform Centoview, but also the high quality support and after sales service.

We are very much looking forward to continuing our partnership of trust and will keep doing what’s necessary to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible.




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