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What customers say about us

After a thorough market research we ended up with Centomedia as our digital signage partner. Prior to them we encountered a lot of “cowboys”, who didn’t know anything about technology.

Raf Coenen

IT Manager, Decathlon

We don’t have to worry about a thing – our digital signage partner takes care of the installation and the maintenance of the screens.

Susy Van Hoof

Head of Communications, UZ Leuven

Discover the Engie reference case

Large companies need a specific approach and have specific needs. Not every partner is suited to answer these needs.

That is why, after years of collaborating with Centomedia, Engie Belgium recommended us as a digital signage expert to Engie Europe. Thanks to our high level of service and expertise


Our Digital Signage Services

Hardware & installation

Which screen do you need to offer the best viewing experience? We advice you on screen type, size and mounting possibilities. Our installation team completes the installation. 



Want to display meeting info, company KPI’s or the restaurant’s menu? Our software engineers integrate your Digital Signage with any system or data.


A learning curve as efficient as possible is key to delivering Digital Signage solutions that last. Your trainer stays available at all time through support, so your learning time stays limited.


Attractive messages

Digital Signage is all about screen communication. With the help of our motion designer your message designs remain professional and attractive.

Software & Application development

We support your project with our own development team. Need a new functionality? Our software engineers will do whatever it takes to deliver the result you need.


Maintenance & Support

It’s evident that a support team takes control of all technical issues. But we start from there. We support your total system, screen content included.

Centomedia is part of the Digitopia Group